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anything not depressive

Emerging today with a party, with the multitude of proposals that the club's culture offers, has become a very complicated thing.
But, starting from an event, being able to create a brand, a brand that is recognizable all over the world, maybe it's a matter reserved for a select few.
We are tring to make a dream true, creating a mix of good music with something that could make us even happier and happier.
The philosophy of Nafter is to entertain our audience, regardless of the location or country in which they are.

This philosophy is put into practice by an excellent selection of music, colors, atmosphere, a unique energy that conveys people within an experience without equal; Nafter is a new format for daytime parties with chill music and friendly vibe that aims to connect different kind of people thanks to the variety of many music styles.
The line-up is a melting-pot of artists from all countries and different music cultures.
Our party’s hallmark is not only the combination of different styles but also the production of an immersive atmosphere by way of artistic equipment and more.
Our motto is “ Anything not depressive “!

Anything not depressive
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